The service Transport bulking Verona “also called Collettame” is characterized by significant fractionation of Transport General cargo load, which is collected from different senders and delivered to several recipients. The goods are taken over, capacity at our headquarters in Verona – or one of our hubs partners – and from there it sorted to the various destinations, in order to optimize time and costs for the customer.

MITOS GROUP SRL Given the growing demand from the domestic and overseas manufacturing base, service goods transport from Verona to Lecce logistics and increasingly precise and transparent transport, now it comes from an established Italian company now Mitos Group srl.

The new company is designed to specifically treat the transport to groupage or full loads national as well as logistics services and stoccaggio.Mitos Group Ltd. wants to offer customers a range of specific services, fast and attentive to the needs of the market, in line with the standards with greater added value.

The service coverage to the entire national territory, including the islands, and delivery time, where it is expected, even in the 24 hours after taking delivery of the goods.

Available also the online tracking service to follow step by step the progress of your shipments.

Mitos Group srl is able to handle both grouped, their scoop, bulky goods, non-perishable food, ADR goods and deliveries GDO. Our warehouse of 3000 square meters, has all the certifications that allow storage and food logistics.


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