MITOS GROUP SRL The growing demand of more transparent and precise national and international transports, led to the birth of the Italian company Mitos Group Srl



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MITOS GROUP SRL The growing demand of more transparent and precise national and international transports, led to the birth of the Italian company Mitos Group Srl.

The company is designed to specifically treat national and international groupage transports or full loads, as well as logistic and storage services. Mitos Group Srl offers customers a wide range of specific services, fast and attentive to the needs of the market and in line with its standards.

We cover the entire national territory, including the islands, with
punctual delivery of the goods even in the 24 hours after your order. Thanks to the Online Tracking Service you can also follow the progress of your shipments step by step.

Mitos Group Srl is able to handle groupage transport, partial and full loads, ADR goods, GDO deliveries, shipments of single pallets, bulky goods and non-perishable food.

Our 3000-squaremeter warehouse has all the certifications that allow storage and food logistic.



The Groupage cargo service is characterized by the fractionation of the load, which is collected from different senders and delivered to several recipients. The goods are taken over, stored in our warehouse – or one of our hubs partners . From here they get sort out and delivered to the different destinations, in order to optimize time and costs for the customer.


We handle groupage transports throughout the entire Italian territory. In international trade the word Groupage indicates a particular type of shipment: grouping small deliveries from different senders from a certain country that are addressed to several recipients from another country.


All our drivers are consolidated professionals. From Verona we reach any province in Italy with immediate delivery or within the time requested from our clients. Thanks to our logistic, we transport planned shipments and offer our clients a telephone booking service.


We have several warehouses for the storage of the goods or as distribution platforms for goods coming from and destined to Italy.

Mitos Group offers their customers appropriate solutions to every needs. Our logistics outsourcing is focused on the strategic collaboration between companies in order to optimize the production process. To those customers who only need the space in the warehouse we also offer a simplified logistic, adapted to the type of goods,

Logistica Verona
Trasporti Alimenti Bevande Secco Verona
Trasporti Alimenti Bevande Secco Verona


Mitos Group provides transport and logistic services to food and beverages manufacturers that need to send their products periodically to Italy, Germany and France.

Transportation costs derive from the amount of the goods, their volume weight and their destination. The need to send food and drink is also felt by mothers of off-site students or by all those who want to introduce the typical products of their city to a friend.

Either way, food safety is a priority.

Whether it’s bulk, products stored in resistant containers, such as aluminium, or brittle containers, like glass bottles, whether they’re delicate products (such as bags of chips or frozen goods for which the cold chain must be respected), MITOS GROUP ensures security, speed, reliability for the punctual delivery of food products.


Mitos Group is specialized in transporting ADR goods in whole Europe, following the current regulations. The road transport of dangerous goods is regulated by the international ADR agreement, whose text is updated every two years. The original agreement was signed in Geneva on 30 September 1957 as “European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road”. On 1 January 2015 the ADR 2015 [1] came into force.

The transport of dangerous goods is subject to very detailed rules and regulations, formulated according to the type of material transported and the means of transport used. Each person involved in the transfer of dangerous goods (consignor, loader, transporter, receiver) has its specific duties, starting by the consignor (also referred to as the sender) that must provide for the classification of goods, the choice of packaging (or containers or tanks) in relation to the dangerous characteristics of the goods.

The sender must give the transporter all the necessary documents in order to ship the goods safely. Among these documents, the sender must provide the so called “written instructions”. These are written in all languages of the nations crossed by the transporter and those spoken by the drivers. These documents hold the instructions that are to be followed in case of accident .

ADR Transport Italien-Deutschland​
ADR Transport Italien-Deutschland​


The “Accord européenrelatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”, also called ADR, is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. It was signed in Geneva September 30, 1957 and ratified in Italy on 12 August 1962 by the law n.1839.

Most of the rules are specified in attachments A (general provisions on dangerous substances and goods) and B (transport provisions on equipment)

The rules cover:

  • classification of dangerous substances with regard to the road transport;
  • determination and classification of each dangerous substance;
  • packaging conditions;
  • characteristics of packaging and containers;
  • construction methods of the vehicles and tanks;
  • requirements for transport, including travel documents;

drivers qualification; exemptions from provisions of the Agree

With the implementation in Italy of the last agreement ADR 2005, new responsibilities for the carriers were introduced in anti-terrorism purposes: security plans, data secrecy, always supervised loads, anti-theft systems. There is also an international project called ‘International Chemical Safety Card’ which contains many safety data sheets for hazardous products.


  • The means of transport, before being allowed to the load of dangerous goods, must be specifically equipped, according to the type of hazard.
  • For example, on board extinguishers are mandatory for flammable goods as well as adequate ventilation openings in the case of gaseous goods.
  • The first fundamental condition for rail and road ADR transports is the presence of a very visible warning sign on the truck or railway wagon.
  • Depending on the mean of transport, warning panels and labels must be visible on the front and back and eventually on the sides of trucks or rail wagons: the first are orange and rectangular (40 × 30 cm), the second have a square shape on the tip (diamond of 25 × 25 cm or 30 × 30 cm).
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